Frequently Asked Question

Texas Dream Cruise 2013 FAQs

Q: Can I pay by credit card? I don't have a PayPal account.

A: Yes. When registering click on Pay Pal or Credit Card Payment. The Pay Pal website will come up in about 5-10 seconds. When it does, look about half way down on the right/center part of the page and it will say "Not Currently a Pay Pal Member. Click it, and the Credit Card payment screen will come up. Again, you do not have to be a pay pal member to pay thru their site.

Q: Can my club/my group all park together?

A: Absolutely! When registering, simply choose the lot created by your club/group. If you're the first person to register from your club/group, you can create a lot for your club/group. Simply choose "Create-A-Lot" in the "We can group you..." input box and in the next box titled "Create A Lot Group Name", just enter the name you would like to call your lot. Additional registrants from your club/group will see the name you have created and can choose it from the drop-down selector or type the lot name in order to add them to the lot you have created.

Q: Is there a minimum number of vehicles needed to create a lot?

A: Anyone can create a lot. Presumably you would have at least 2 vehicles for a lot. There is no maximum number of vehicles for a lot.

Q: I want to park next to my friend(s), how can we?

A: You don't have to be an official car club or membership group to Create-A-Lot. Anyone can park multiple vehicles together by using our "Create-A-Lot" feature when registering the first vehicle that will go in the new lot that you have created. (OR) You and the others that would like to park together can select a lot that has already been created in the drop down box. Just make sure you all select the same lot.

Q: Can I bring more than one car and park them together?

A: Yes. We, and others, would love to see all your vehicles! One option is to "Create-A-Lot" and register all the vehicles under that lot name. The second option is to register all the vehicles under a lot that has already been created in the drop down box. Just make sure you select the same lot when registering all your vehicles.

Q: Am I required to run the 1.6 mile cruise during my section's scheduled time?

A: No. Mini cruises are encouraged but not mandatory. We set designated times for each section to encourage people to cruise and show off their great rides, as well as safety reasons for the attendees. You can run your vehicle(s) as often as you like during your designated time or remain parked.

Q: Do my club members need to register separately?

A: Yes, please register each vehicle separately. Club members can choose the same lot to ensure a space together with the rest of you lot.

Q: Can I bring food/beverages to the event?

A: Of course you will want to follow all applicable laws/etc., but we have no additional restrictions on what you can bring. Also, there will be multiple vendors at the show to accommodate your needs and we certainly encourage their patronage. They are there for your convenience, so you can certainly just show up and enjoy the day without the worry of bringing additional items. NO ALCOHOL in parking lot area. ALCOHOL/BEER can be purchased inside the stadium and must stay inside stadium to drink it. There are variety restaurants that are sure to satisfy any desire, or size appetite, surrounding the stadium within walking distance.

Q: What kinds of family activities will there be?

A: Activities for kids - details coming soon, food vendors, live music by "The Rumble Kings", games, picnicking, and other affordable family fun.

Q: Is parking free?

A: General parking is free to the public while space is available. Additional parking for our event may have a suggested charge for donation. Details are pending. Check back with us periodically.

Q: Where do I pick up my plaque?

A: You will be able to pick up your plaque at the Texas Dream Cruise Merchandise Tent just inside the gate at the stadium.

Q: I want to watch the cruise. What is the route?

A: The Mini Cruise route will be West Main Street, North on World Cup, East on Technology, South on Frisco St. All right hand turns. The Mega route will be thru the streets of Frisco, primarily on Preston Road. We will be posting the actual route on the website by the middle of June.

Q: Is this a judged show? What are the classes?

A: Division 1 Hardcore Inaugural "Mega Competition" TDC Winners will include a first place award for each of the three designated categories (Restoration, Original, and Custom). Division 2 Executives Choice Awards are open to all registered vehicles automatically and include two charities choice awards, up to one Gold Sponsor's choice award, and two co-founder's choice awards.

Q: What time should I show up with my vehicle on June 29th?

A: Vehicle check-in is from 8:00am - 11:00am on show day. We recommend early arrival to leave plenty of time to set up the viewing area so everyone can enjoy a full day.

Q: How long can my vehicle remain in the viewing area after the show?

A: 9pm. We anticipate many people will utilize the viewing area after 5pm and take advantage of the many places within walking distance to eat dinner or socialize...etc. Better yet, we suggest you join in on the "Mega Cruise" up and down Preston Rd and thru surrounding streets of Frisco all the way to BLUES PUB for the after party that starts at 6pm. A detailed map will soon be posted on the website and available at the event. Check back with us periodically.

Q: How can I enter my vehicle in the various judging categories?

A: When you arrive for the event, we will hand out color coded cards (3 to choose from- Original, Restoration, and Custom. For information on other awards everyone qualifies for- see general event information). After making your card choice simply display the card on your dashboard so our judges will be able to include your vehicle in the competition.

Q: Will there be designated areas for different types, makes, or models of vehicles?

A: When registering you can select if you want to park in a judging area (Original, Restoration, and Custom). However, it is not required to park in a particular judging area in order to be included in one of the judging groups. Simply follow the instructions for entering your vehicle into a particular judging category and you have the option of parking in that designated judging area or in another area, for example, with a certain club or designated lot you're choosing.

Q: Are you considering an auction to be part of future events?

A: We do intend to include auctions in our future events along with many other exciting things! So plan to check us out each year as we grow and expand our offerings as a premier north Texas auto event! (We are also considering a SWAP Meet and possibly Motorcycles for next year)

Q: Are there opportunities to become involved with assisting in putting this event on?

A: Absolutely! If you love vehicles, or just want to be part of a great event for some great causes we would love to hear from you. Contact Rick, Rob, Kim, or Whitney. "Said names"@

Q: How many awards will there be?

A: This year's winners can be very proud to take home the "extreme competition" honors being awarded. At a minimum there will be six 1st place awards, one in each category. Because of the competition level, we have added 2nd and 3rd place awards for the 3 hard core categories – Originals – Restorations – Custom/Modified.

Q: If I register multiple cars, can I get a discount on spaces?

A: Yes. If you have more than 5 cars, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Q: What do I bring?

A: Anything you would bring to an event to make it more comfortable: Chair, tent for shade (weighted down so it doesn't blow away or sit inside the stadium gates) cooler, food, drinks (or eat and drink there, plenty of options) sunscreen and a smile!

Q: What merchandise is available?

A: Texas Dream Cruise: Shirts, Hats, Visors, and our Collectible Innagural Poster!

Q: Where are the Restrooms located?

A: Clean Rest Rooms will be located inside the North Concourse of the Stadium to the left. We will mark it on your show guide flyer when you arrive at the stadium, or pick it up at the HQ Tent.

Q: Where do we park Trailers?

A: Onsite. We will have trailer parking available within walking distance.  Location will be on the Map, which is pending and will be posted on our show guide you will receive at the event upon arrival and it will soon be on our website.

Q: What about a rain out date?

A. No Rain out date. The show will go on. We will cancel for tornados, hurricanes, hail, anything that is life threatening.

Q: How do I know which lot to go to?

A: When you arrive to the venue, please follow the signs that will lead you to a parking attendant, who will have access to lot assignements and they will be happy to guide you from there.

Q: Can I leave my car over night?

A: No. All cars must be off the lot by 11:30pm